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bloody mosquito - heart beats || manila travel photographer

yes i just used BLOODY in my blog post title. relax. :)

but seriously. it amazes me still, after experiencing it myself, how one SINGLE mosquito can take out a person with dengue fever.

Upload from March 20, 2012

a nasty little mosquito photo courtesy of wiki

lover (if you dont know i affectionately call and ...

heart beats - i am a firstborn || manila destination wedding & travel photographer

this is not a recent revelation for me. not one bit.

i’m the oldest in my family of origin… the firstborn. there’s a lot that comes with being a firstborn. some stuff that is expected of you, said or silent. you are your parents experiment child; the one they try and ...

heart beats - who i am || manila destination wedding & travel photographer

Upload from March 04, 2012

there is one thing i am going to do in the next month.

and that is to get THIS saying, like in this photo i snagged off of PINTREST, onto my wall in my house.

Upload from March 05, 2012

why? because it describes our family completely. and it’s something that we all need to be reminded ...

hiatus [hahy-ey-tuhs] || manila destination wedding & travel photographer

the definition of HIATUS is as follows:

a break or interruption in the continuity of a work, series, action, etc.

yep..that’s exactly what happened.

to some of you this may sound absolutely ridiculous…absurd…unreal. to others, namely those who have lived in metro manila or the philippines or any 3rd ...

18 days...enough is enough already || manila destination wedding photographer

18 days ago i got sick.

about a week ago i was almost better.

then i caught something else and have been in bed since saturday night, except for pulling myself together today to shoot a corporate gig for a friend.

i’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.

and it’s in the ...

friends are a good thing || destination wedding photographer

funny how christmas makes you more….gushy, smushy, no?

december 1. here i sit in the tropics - manila to be exact - and it so doens’t feel like december 1st.

back in vancouver it’s about 5*C…here it’s 30*C+… there i’d be wearing scarfs and warm fuzzy socks and ...

christmastime is here || manila destination wedding photographer

if you know us at all, you know we LOVE christmas.

all of our friends (and family) in canada and in the west think we are NUTS cuz we would always have our tree up in OCTOBER.

dude. its a season, not a day, the whole christmas thing - enjoy it!

so ...

happiness is... || manila destination wedding photographer

…being married to your best friend.

happy birthday, Lover! :) 


the desert is truly a beautiful place || manila destination photographer

i have been to the desert once. not like the sahara or anything.

but to a nevada desert…in the USA.

Upload from October 12, 2011

it was amazing. i have never seen anything like it.

the way the ground was all cracked…how the tumble weeds ACTUALLY tumbled by. the sky’s reflection in the past rains puddles.oh ...

craving some in-and-out || manila destination photographer

you know somedays when you are CRAVING something that you can NOT get?

gah. that’s totally today. it’s monday. there’s a typhoon. jonathan’s traveling.

and i’m craving in-and-out burger BIG time.

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Upload from September 26, 2011

Upload from September 26, 2011

Upload from September 26, 2011

Upload from September 26, 2011

Upload from September 26, 2011

Upload from September 26, 2011

see? now you are too. :)

happy monday!


to jeep or not to jeep, that is the question || manila destination wedding photographer

one of the philippines MAJOR modes of transportation is the jeepney.

here is a brief summary of the jeepney to get you up to speed:

Jeepneys are the most popular means of public transportation in the Philippines.[1] They were originally made from US military jeeps left over from World War II ...

and then my heart was full || manila photographer

70 women. 70 headshots.

last february i went to the corrections institute for women (CIW) otherwise knows as the women’s prison. my motherinlaw was speaking at an event there. i went along to take photographs…that i wouldnt be able to show to the public, being as they are inside the prison.

but ...

it was monday, alright || manila destination wedding photographer

let me tell you…some mondays are not bad..and some…are worse.

today COULD have been a doozer. it started that way.

i had an 8am appointment at the kids’ school with the superintendant re getting involved with the PAC. get there, it went like this: stepped out of my house ...

you know you want to... || manila destination wedding photographer

..want to laugh. when you hear all the stories and see the funny PMS cartoons. i know i do. i think my husband does…but sometimes he looks a little scared to.. ;)

today i’m not PMSing, but thought it would be a good day to laugh at it. cuz i ...

a little bit of grace is what we all need || manila destination wedding photographer

The Merriam-Webster dictionary’s definition of GRACE had many meaninigs. One of the meanings is this:

  d : disposition to or an act or instance of kindness, courtesy, or clemency

Grace. it’s a word that we dont use a lot. yet it’s a word that is so powerful.
its used ...