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Wanderer Magazine - Second Issue || Online Travel Magazine

Last October I forgot to post that my second issue of WANDERER was released! So here it is…and at the end of THIS month, our 3rd issue will be released! 


The cover photo and main article were by a fantastic landscape photographer from Vancouver Island, Canada, Carrie Cole ...

i entered a contest || manila destination photographer

it’s true. i did. i entered a contest. it’s a travel photography contest. KLM and digital photographer philippines put it on. i thought, why not? i love travel, the assignment looks fantastic. 

so i did. i had to write a “pitch” on why they should choose me… :) and then submit ...

cannon beach - the oregon coast || destination wedding photographer

one of my most favorite places i’ve been to thus far in my travels would be cannon beach on the oregon coast.

i have been in the heat of summer and in the onset of winter and both times have been lovely. not only does the beach and landscape itself carry ...

the vault series - cannon beach || vancouver photographer

today i am pining for cannon beach..what an awesome summer holiday we had last year.. not sure if we’ll even be able to make it there this fall..oh how i hope we do..before we move across the pond… *sigh*

enjoy the beauty..just can’t get enough.. :)

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