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Maison de Spa - Makati Spa || Salcedo Village, Makati, Philippines

in the fall i was asked to shoot some photos of a new and elegant spa located in salcedo village, makati…the business district’s residential area.

the apparent PARIS theme was lovely and the simplicity and elegance of the spa was inviting. 








the details in MAISON DE SPA were such a ...

quinoa burgers and bbq sauce - my cooking journey begins

in the summer i decided that i was done with meat.


ya..i had sooo much red meat this summer throughout our trekking thru BC/AB/MB that i felt so “heavy” inside.

it wasn’t a hard thing tho as i usually dont eat much meat. so the decision came easy.

my ...

TGIF - we went to "the farm" || manila destination wedding photographer

2 friday’s ago i had the priviledge to work with SCARLET BEGONIA FLOWERS from manila here. the owner, djuna, has become a good friend and when we talked about doing a shoot together, she was on it! she is launching a new line of florals, which i will leave for ...