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The Griffiths - Family Lifestyle Session || Manila Photographer

Every once in a while I put on my Portrait Photographer hat, a hat I have hung up a long while back. But there are times I dust it off. These times, however, cannot be forseen or forced, I might add. It just has to “feel” right and all the ...

the fabulous 5 || family lifestyle session - manila, philippines

it was a session i couldn’t wait to do; this family LOVES getting photos taken, and taking photos of their amazing family..yet i always find that when i’m doing close friends, i get nervous…as in i want to fill my drawers/pelicans flapping around in my gutt kind of nervous ...

tregonings - saskatchewan lifestyle session {FAMILY}

the love i have for these 4 is remarkable. they are friends who are family. and they are some of my most favorite people on the planet.

matt & kim also do a remarkable job balancing cultivating their relationship and parenting their littles. it’s such a joy to watch the little ...

holmgren's || lifestyle session {FAMILY}

we met in 2001. our kids are basically the same age. we lived in rural saskatchewan. we’ve been friends ever since.

when i first photographed this fam, it was in the mid 2000s. i truly cannot remember when..maybe 2004/2005? anyhow, its been a while since our last session and ...

alissa & rosie || lifestyle session {COUSINS}

this summer we decided to do a bunch of roadtripping. one of the places on our list was southeast manitoba - where some of my husbands family is.

its a world of its own there…time stand stills in many ways. and the serenity…wow. definitely what the souls needs.

my daughter and my husbands ...

aki, lena & utae || lifestyle session {FAMILY}

we have known this amazing japanese family since we moved to vancouver back in 2007. they are such a fun, lovely family. i did some portraits with them in 2009. so we reunited for some fun family pix at burnaby village museum.

until our next session, much love to you all ...

heart beats - who i am || manila destination wedding & travel photographer

Upload from March 04, 2012

there is one thing i am going to do in the next month.

and that is to get THIS saying, like in this photo i snagged off of PINTREST, onto my wall in my house.

Upload from March 05, 2012

why? because it describes our family completely. and it’s something that we all need to be reminded ...

the martinez family - lifestyle session || manila destination wedding photographer

i don’t often do family lifestyle sessions. but when i do it’s for a great reason. :) one of them being today’s blogpost!

levy is a blogger. and she WON the mother’s day lifestyle session i collaborated with a friend of mine christine, on her blog.

after coordinating our schedules we met up ...

thankful - personal || vancouver destination photographer

so many things to be thankful for….

family & friends

our little home that keeps us dry and warm

food in our cupboards & ref

good health

books to read


warm blankets

herbal tea

eye sight

having what we need

truly we are blessed. and thankful for the blessings every day.




happy thanksgiving weekend from our ...

our summer holidays - personal || destination photographer

this summer we took our final road trip with Pedro, our beloved Xterra. :)

jonathan’s grandparents were celebrating their 60th. aren’t they adorable? (this was them in burnaby before we went to philippines a year ago and then on the beach in boracay in the philippines.) IMG_8256.jpg 20091023_gpananny_email-9353.jpg

so we drove ...

miss T turns 1! - lifestyle session || vancouver photographer

this last week i shot my final portrait session in vancouver before we move. what’s more is, i have shot these particular clients two times before: maternity, newborn and this week, 1st year photos.

i cannot tell you the mix of emotions i felt when i was there…here i have ...

friends are a really good thing - personal || vancouver photographer

the last week our dear friend dar (married to scott..they just moved from burnaby to waterloo, ON) has been with’s been so great. i have taken photos of our going-on’s…they are not off my camera yet.. :)

but dar is awesome..we went to seattle this week ...

SNEAK PEEK!! uppal family - calgary portraits || destination photographer

i met this adorable family in calgary too..thru the boldt’s.. here’s a few…more to come! :)





SNEAK PEEK!! boldt family - calgary portraits || destination photographer

whilst in calgary i had a couple of family sessions.. here’s a sneak peek of the boldt family.. :)




more to come soon!! :)

april & her awesome family - family session || vancouver photographer

you will know april’s name - APRIL CAKES - as i have featured her on my blog a couple times cuz she’s soooooo amazing. :)

i was thrilled to do their family session…they are so much fun!!! everything from giggles, to bubbles to light sabors. SERIOUSLY.GOOD.TIME!

here’s a few ...