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:: ONE SHOT :: Pura Tirta Empul, Tampaksiring, Bali

Pura Tirta Empul Tampaksiring Bali - One of the many Hindu temples in Bali. It is famous for its holy water, where a pond has a spring that gives out fresh water regularly - I saw the pond and the spring inside it - it was wild!

Here the followers, both locals ...

:: ONE SHOT :: Bali Destination Wedding

I decided to start a new series for my blog and Facebook page - :: ONE SHOT :: 

SImply put, it’s just a single photo with a little bit about it. It may help me in becoming a more frequent blogger in 2015 :) One can hope. ;)

Here’s the first in ...

destination wedding at kawayan cove, philippines - second shooting with Pilar Tuason || travel & destination wedding photography

when i receive a message from pilar that we have an out of town wedding, i’m always giddy - an out of town wedding means it’s gonna be somewhere dreamy!

last january this was just the case. we only had to drive just over 2 hours to get to this dreamland - known ...

tristan & charmaine - the reception at angels fields in tagaytay || second shooting with pilar tuason

the reception of tristan and charmaine was GORGEOUS! the planners did an outstanding job and the venue - wow! and the venue - angels field - so dreamy.

the details were out of this world amazing!  so grateful to be able to capture these amazing days of couples as a second shooter with ...

tristan & charmaine - getting ready || second shooting with pilar tuason

 the first installment of tristan and charmaine’s gorgeous out-of-town destination wedding in tagaytay at angel’s fields, that i second shot last year with my dear friend and amazing photog, pilar…

































stay tuned for the next post - their beautiful ceremony & portraits… :)

#ff - jose villa || manila destination wedding photographer

today’s #FF fabulous person doesn’t need a huge introduction if you are in the wedding photography/industry - he’s a legend. (he didn’t even pay me to say that <wink!>} he’s one of the industry’s most sought after photographers. but of course i still will give him one. :) he is ...

being at the right place at the right time || manila destination wedding photographer

has that ever happened to you?

being in the right place at the right time? happened to me the last time i was in vegas.

i was there for the infamous WPPI - wedding and portrait photographers international. and one afternoon, a couple of my dear photographer friends and i went ...

la serenissima, oh, how you have my heart || manila destination wedding photographer

la serenissma. the most serene.

one of the many “names” the beloved VENEZIA is called.

venice will always have a special, personal place in my heart. one can get lost in venice, but not really be lost. the culture of venice, minus the zillions of tourists that flock there every year, is ...

kym & winmark - the SNEAK PEEK - vancouver wedding

when kym first asked me about finding her a wedding for her vancouver wedding last december, i told her i’d have lots of options for her. she then asked if i would photograph their MANILA wedding celebration afterwards. it was then, that a lightbulb went off in my head: why ...

eryne & jc - HONG KONG lifestyle session || manila destination photographer

when i received the email from a photog friend in edmonton, canada that there was this great couple in hong kong that was looking for a photographer, i was thrilled… not only because i love photographing couples but because i was just heading to hong kong for a day and ...

featuring designer, MICA SANTAYANA || destination wedding photographer

it’s funny how you meet people somtimes, no?

who would have thought that i would meet the fabulous MICA SANTAYANA via my kid’s orthodontist office??? giggle…ya i did. her mom is our kids orthodontist. mica’s business card was on the table, one thing led to another, i talked to her ...

cannon beach - the oregon coast || destination wedding photographer

one of my most favorite places i’ve been to thus far in my travels would be cannon beach on the oregon coast.

i have been in the heat of summer and in the onset of winter and both times have been lovely. not only does the beach and landscape itself carry ...

destination: INTRAMUROS - manila || destination wedding photographer

scouting for bridal portraits is one of the perks to being a weddig photographer. finding the PERFECT spots for the bridal portraits…envisioning the gorgeous couple in nooks and crannies…yes…scouting gets your creativity pumping!

and when it’s a destination wedding, you know you have no room for second guessing. finding the places ...

ryan & jessica - boracay bridal session || destination wedding photographer

one of the most glorious places i’ve been to is located right here in the philippines. the island of boracay is a dream of sorts. what was once a deserted island with nobody but locals on it, has become a getaway tropical paradise that has a place for everyone. the ...

kym & winmark - lifestyle session || destination photographer

when i found out kym and winmark got engaged, i couldn’t be more happy! i have known kym since…hmmm..well…at least 6 years. we go to her dad’s church. she supplies me with great merchandise from her fun company, herrohachi. whenever i see her, she is always smiling. and has ...