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darlene & kirk || the wedding {calgary, alberta wedding}

such a lovely calgary day. the details were perfect. the couple so very much in love. it was such a joy to be a part of this day of love between darlene and kirk.

thank you again, you two, for allowing me to be a part of your history. much love ...

it's wonderful wedding wednesday || manila destination wedding photographer

being that today’s blog post is a wedding post, i thought it would be fitting to feature a couple whose ACTUAL anniversary is TODAY….us! hehehe.

we got married in 1995 - hence the upholstry type vest my lover is wearing, heehee - and had dated off and on for 2 ...

our summer holidays - personal || destination photographer

this summer we took our final road trip with Pedro, our beloved Xterra. :)

jonathan’s grandparents were celebrating their 60th. aren’t they adorable? (this was them in burnaby before we went to philippines a year ago and then on the beach in boracay in the philippines.) IMG_8256.jpg 20091023_gpananny_email-9353.jpg

so we drove ...

SNEAK PEEK!! uppal family - calgary portraits || destination photographer

i met this adorable family in calgary too..thru the boldt’s.. here’s a few…more to come! :)





SNEAK PEEK!! boldt family - calgary portraits || destination photographer

whilst in calgary i had a couple of family sessions.. here’s a sneak peek of the boldt family.. :)




more to come soon!! :)

ang & brock - calgary eSession || destination photographer

i met ang waaaaaaaaaaay back in about 2001/2002.. ang is an identical twin. everyone always got her and her sister jen mixed up. i never did. even though it’s obvious they are identical twins, each of them has a unique, beautiful personality of their own.

i dont recall when i ...

ang & brock { SNEAK PEEK! } - lifestyle eSession || vancouver destination photographer

here’s a sneak of my engagement session with my september long weekend bride and groom..adorable hey??

more to come… :)