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I love the ocean. I love the mountains. I love coffee. I love chocolate. I love Ayran. I love vegetables. I love Greek food. I love Nutella…and peanut butter…together. I love scarves, skinny jeans and boots. I love shorts, flipflops and sarongs. I am a bohemian I would like to think…eclectic in so many different ways.

I love to travel. I love Italy, Turkey, Morocco, India, Canada, of course, and so many more places I have visited and have yet to visit. 

I am passionate. I am sensitive. I am deep. I am thoughful. I am intuitive. I am confident. I am pensive. I am funny. I am beautiful. I am strong. I am determined.

I love airports. I love coffee shops. I love mountain villages. I love the beach. I love Fiats 500s and Vespas. I love postcards. I love silver jewelry. I love short hair. I love my iPhone.

I am a fighter. I am compassionate. I am an advocate. I am all of these and more.

Simply put, I love life. And with this same love, I choose to photograph people, places and situations around me.

Love. Travel. Life. This is me. In a nutshell.

Have a look around my site. I have some travel galleries and blog posts in the links at the top.  

I hope you enjoy what you see and are inspired to see more of our beautiful world. xx

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10339423_683478345032916_6398238468344392268_o (1).jpg

britannia shipyard - personal || vancouver photographer

while we were in steveston, kerri and i made our way to the britannia shipyards.

it was such an incredible day -  warm, sunny, not a cloud in the sky. and it was so very quiet too. i love the shipyards. it reminds me of my great grandfather, grampa snitchuk, who worked on the tug boats all his life and when i was a child.

it was a very happy place for me.. :)






 they also have simulated “villages” of how it would have been there too.. was cool to wander thru them… and try and picture yourself there…











this shot above reminds me of an ocean “pleasantville” type scenario..but on the ocean.. :) 




these liliacs were so gorgeous and vibrant! and they smelled like my childhood…outdoors in the spring…mmmmm… :) 


thank you shipyards for a wonderful afternoon…and thanks kerri for wandering with me.. :) xoxo

a trip to steveston w/kerri - personal || vancouver photographer

the same morning i took my friend shelley to the airport, i was picking up my other friend, kerri 2 hours later! 

i met kerri before J and i were dating; we were roommates in fact. then we moved to asia in 1996 and she moved to colorado and acquired a greencard. :) kerri came and visited me in the philippines in 1999 i think it was…we went beach hopping and i took her to the province and we had a great time! (for all of you who love adventure and love to travel, put asia on your list and i PROMISE you a great time when you stop in the philippines!)

when we moved back to canada we continued to keep in touch..an email here, a phone call there. ya..we’ve known each other a looooooooooong time. :) her and her now husband asked me if i’d like to come shoot their wedding in 2008…in germany. :) that was a grand adventure! check out the blogpost HERE.

so when kerri learned of us on the move again in the future and still hadn’t come visit me (it’s easier for her to come then me to come..i have kids.. giggle!) in vancouver, and her cousin was getting married on saltspring…well, you guessed it. i was having a house guest!

one of the days she was here we took a wander down to steveston..walked about..found some delish coffee and then had sushi at “steveston’s best sushi” place..













jeanie & ian's lil' eParty - personal || vancouver photographer

when one of my best friends, jeanie, told me she was getting married - i think i squeeled. :) her man ROCKS. not only are her man and my man “instant BFFs” (giggle), but her man and she are totally made for each other! i love watching them together..they compliment each other so much! his humour and her crazy fun…his sincerity and her depth..ya..they are remarkable. and i’m so, so glad ian is “joining our family”. :)

when a couple of their, and my, friends heard of this, we asked her if we could have a small engagment party for them.. so they emailed us their lists of some of their friends and family and a good time we had.

the INCREDIBLE april from april cakes made their FANTASTIC engagement cake! if you know jeanie, you will know that, and i quote from rosie: jeanie’s a skull kinda girl. :)

20100425_ji_eparty-2303.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2302.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2307.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2305.jpg

we had lots of yummy food too! chef steph (hey that rhymed) filled in on the barbey as J was away, and we had lots of BBQ goodness too! one of jeanie’s friends made these ADORABLE cake lollipops! i was like, what!? is she martha’s relative?? they were awesome.

20100425_ji_eparty-2316.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2311.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2317.jpg20100425_ji_eparty-2327.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2328.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2332.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2333.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2358.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2361.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2370.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2371.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2377.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2378.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2422.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2421.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2419.jpg

of course cutting of the cake was in order - talk about the most AWKWARD moment, intitally..good thing they got to practise before they cut their wedding cake (are you guys having a wedding cake!?) :) 20100425_ji_eparty-2387.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2391.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2402.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2407.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2409.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2417.jpg

my rosie did some wonderful artwork for jeanie & ian as well..it was so sweet..and so very adorable. my rosie is amazing.

20100425_ji_eparty-2427.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2429.jpg

thank you, jj & ian, for letting us celebrate you! your wedding in scotland this summer will be amazing! can’t wait to see pics! xoxo

weekend with shell - personal || vancouver photographer

the saturday that my friend shelley was here it was GORGEOUS in vancouver! so off we went via skytrain downtown and enjoy being a tourist.. :)

we found sushi for starters - FRESH BC sushi, shell.. :) mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm. :) as you can see, we finished ‘er off good..

201005_shelleytrip-3055.jpg 201005_shelleytrip-3051.jpg 201005_shelleytrip-3056.jpg 201005_shelleytrip-3057.jpg 201005_shelleytrip-3052.jpg 

then we headed to robson square..where there was a cannabis rally at the art gallery..but the big floral canvases were still up so it made it much fun! ;)

201005_shelleytrip-3064_.jpg 201005_shelleytrip-3086.jpg


201005_shelleytrip-3080.jpg 201005_shelleytrip-3069_.jpg 201005_shelleytrip-3098.jpg 201005_shelleytrip-3100.jpg

shell hadn’t been on robson street in years so off to window shop and people watch we went.. :)

201005_shelleytrip-3107.jpg 201005_shelleytrip-3109.jpg 201005_shelleytrip-3119.jpg 201005_shelleytrip-3116.jpg 201005_shelleytrip-3122.jpg

of course a trip downtown isn’t complete without coffee..and brian and meryl met up with us for some of the best java ever..

201005_shelleytrip-3124.jpg 201005_shelleytrip-3125.jpg 201005_shelleytrip-3126.jpg

it was a fun day.. :) good to have a fun day before a brutal day was approaching.. ;)

shelley - lifestyle session || vancouver photographer

shelley..my crazy and dear friend from SK who convinced me that running a half marathon would be a good thing.

i blame you, girl, for the pain my poor body has gone through. but it was fun doing it with you and i wouldn’t have traded it for the world. :) xoxo

i have known shelley since 2001…that’s 9 years. wow. WOW! :) she’s one of my best friends and i just love her to bits. it’s always the same when we see each other, no matter how much, or little time has passed. we pick up where we left off and continue on like time stood still. we are so opposite on so many levels..which is good..and not gonna lie, annoying, when i want to complain during kilometre 19 cuz i’m in agony and she’s all chipper. but i wouldn’t want her any other way. me loves her just like she is.

thanks for coming for the weekend friend. in the words of one of my other dear friends: me love you long time. xoxo


201005_shelley-3158.jpg 201005_shelley-3140.jpg 201005_shelley-3147.jpg 201005_shelley-3162.jpg 201005_shelley-3174.jpg 201005_shelley-3219.jpg

candice & daniel...welcome to vancouver! - lifestyle session || vancouver photographer

when my friend lani told me  her bro and his wife were moving to vancouver, i couldn’t be happier.

i have always pictured candice and daniel as city, more specifically vancouver, folk; they are artsy and very WESTCOAST.

so after their first week in the big city, we did a “welcome to vancouver, our new home” lifestyle shoot.. it was a BLAST. these two are freaking awesome and sooooooo much fun.. :)

here’s some of my faves.. loves to you guys! xoxo













meryl & brian - maternity session || vancouver photographer

let me think…i’ve known brian since 2001..and meryl a couple years after that.. meryl was in our youth group! wow..suddenly i feel very VERY old. :p


regardless..brian and meryl headed out to vancouver about 6 months after we did. and rewind a little more - i photographed their wedding in 2005!


they are so much fun..and when they announced that “franklin” was gonna be a part of their family in may, i jumped at the opportunity to photograph their maternity session!


i had fun..i giggled as brian remarked, something like, “trace, i love photo shoots with you, i get to kiss meryl lots in public.” :)


here’s a few from our session down in the heart of new west at the end of april…



seriously..meryl is so stunning!!!!!! i love the next sequence..meryl laughing at bri as i tell him he needs to squeeze in there with her, meryl anticipating and then brian IN FOR THE DIVE! :)


how cute, hey? :)


brian was lovin’ me..MORE KISSES!! :P



could resist with the CLEARANCE sign above.. hehehe.. :)


 it took 3 tries but finally we got brian in mid-air at the right spot!






thanks guys for letting me be my cheezy self and allowing me to document yet another milestone in your lives. love you bunches…and can’t wait to meet the little man. :) xoxo


angela & domi - maternity session || vancouver photographer

i remember meeting ang & domi at a wedding. they own the ever fabulous PHOTOBOOTH VANCOUVER. can i just say i LOVE photobooths..i think most photogs do..time to be cheeze in front of the camera.


ANYWAY, this blog post is NOT about that. :)


back to ang & domi.. they are so adorable..and their pooch is pretty darn cute herself! they are a surf lovin’ couple who are so incredibly sweet. i just love them!


they had told me about an old tree with a tire swing maybe we could possibly do.. um, YES PLEASE! it was so much fun!!!


ang & domi..you’re almost there! soon your little will be with you and you will be a family of FOUR! :)


much love and many hugs and squeezes to you both! xoxo








shannon & omer - our one true wedding {wish} couple || vancouver wedding photographer

back before christmas when jeanie asked me if i’d like to give away wedding photography to a couple next year who were involved in “giving” to the community, i was all over it!


[that story HERE if you are new to the blog]


the decision was really hard; we had AMAZING couples send us their stories.


and then we chose omer & shannon. and what an incredible story they have.

two worlds coming together - she from langley and he from pakistan - over an

event - swing dancing!


we got to know them and their unique and beautiful personalities through their super-fun engagement session [look HERE for some of those fun photos!] this past march 2010.


their wedding was unique and beautiful just like the two of them.


i was so blessed by being a part of their day; it was evident the love they shared with each other. and the love that others shared with them. one of MY favorite parts in the reception was going over and waving and smiling to omer’s parents, who were in pakistan, watching it all happen via skype. it made me tear up every time. i just love them!


i will let the photos of the day unfold and share the story of the day, through my lenses. :)


first we started with the ladies getting ready and getting shannon into her dress..







they had a first look where they girls were getting ready - the renaissance hotel- before the ceremony.. they were really happy to see each other, don’t ya think? :)




 then we got to have a little time to shoot these two..first some bridal portraits and then some of this GORGEOUS couple! :)





this was such a fun sequence of photos.. :) blue steel, giggles and kisses.. :)




and then off to the stanley we went to witness their ceremony..that started off with a really awesome movie of them.. of course! we WERE in a theatre, hello! :)



 after the ceremony there was some milling around the red carpet..and an antique car of course!





a couple more photos around south granville…



and then off to kitsilano beach, where one of the couple’s special spots were. :)


the wind was just so and so lovely with shannon’s veil…it made for wonderful photographic opportunities.. ;)



after our lovely time at the beach, we headed back to joey’s on broadway for a fun reception…



but not before we could get in just a FEW more bridal portraits!



omer and shannon really had some gorgeous details!!!!!! their reception was exceptional..the food, the speeches, the music, the fun..it was all so lovely.. :)








they had mendi for the ladies and photobooth with their wedding posters for fun throughout the night..



and of course they danced and danced and danced… :)



i love the way omer watched on as his bride danced with her father…





omer & shannon…thank you for letting us be a part of your incredibly beautiful day.. we truly hope your photos from “our true wedding {wish}” were all you could have wished for. :) much love and blessings to you both!


and my partner in crime and friendship - jeanie… i’m so glad you thought of this. and i’m so honoured you asked me to be a part. you are wonderful and i’m so blessed to be a part of your life..and work! :)

let’s do this again! :)

trace xoxo


hop on over to JEANIE’S BLOG to view her version of the day! :)



i have lost my mind || vancouver photographer

yes..yes its true..i have lost my mind..

my friend shelley from saskatchewan has flown out and we are going to attempt the 1/2 marathon tomoro morning…at 7am.


here’s the route map… and its supposed to rain. so can’t wait (layers of sarcasm there)


we both just want to FINISH the race..chuckle… :)