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I love the ocean. I love the mountains. I love coffee. I love chocolate. I love Ayran. I love vegetables. I love Greek food. I love Nutella…and peanut butter…together. I love scarves, skinny jeans and boots. I love shorts, flipflops and sarongs. I am a bohemian I would like to think…eclectic in so many different ways.

I love to travel. I love Italy, Turkey, Morocco, India, Canada, of course, and so many more places I have visited and have yet to visit. 

I am passionate. I am sensitive. I am deep. I am thoughful. I am intuitive. I am confident. I am pensive. I am funny. I am beautiful. I am strong. I am determined.

I love airports. I love coffee shops. I love mountain villages. I love the beach. I love Fiats 500s and Vespas. I love postcards. I love silver jewelry. I love short hair. I love my iPhone.

I am a fighter. I am compassionate. I am an advocate. I am all of these and more.

Simply put, I love life. And with this same love, I choose to photograph people, places and situations around me.

Love. Travel. Life. This is me. In a nutshell.

Have a look around my site. I have some travel galleries and blog posts in the links at the top.  

I hope you enjoy what you see and are inspired to see more of our beautiful world. xx

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scotty's got his golden ticket - personal || vancouver photographer

one of our very best friends graduated from UBC today with his Masters. it was a very moving time for me. not because of what his master’s was in (religious studies and history and other stuff that makes my brain hurt). but because of the journey we have traveled with him.

you see, he and his wife Dar, are some of our best friends. they have been for a number of years. it was with them that the dream of what community in an urban city could possibly look like came to be…mission burnaby.

we lived under the same roof for 3 years in burnaby. they were in the basement suite and we were upstairs. there was a door between that sectioned off the two…but that door was open lots. our families grew together, yet separately. we watched hayley go from a barely walking 1 yr old to a 4 year old doing a fantastic job being big sister to brandon, her 18 month old little bro. we shared morning coffee together frequently. we watched late movies together when all our kids were in bed a time or two. we planned curry meals for weekends and special occasions. we even went on adventures together on the skytrain. :)

it’s hard to articulate just what scott & darlene mean to us. in many ways we are so opposite as couples. i’m talking SO opposite. :) giggle. i would plan dinner, if i was cooking, at 4pm that night…dar would have already planned out her meals for the week. we liked family vacations that involved enclosed structures to sleep and running water…they like camping in tents.:) dar was disciplined in training and running…me…not so much. :) you get the picture..

but maybe that’s what made “us” work…the fact that we were different enough that we were interesting to each other and could learn so much from each other. the fact that jonathan and scott were dubbed “girlfriends” before we moved out to vancouver together, because of the countless hours they would spend on the phone and talk about “the dream” of what could be. the fact that both dar and i, both having very different experiences together with girl friends, became just that: girl friends.

so when i was driving to meet up with them and jonathan at the chan centre down at UBC this morning and then to go to Sophies for our “celebration breakfast” afterwards, the tears began to roll. not because i forgot my memory card and iPhone and had to go back to get them.. :) … no because a season with them was coming to a bittersweet end.

i say bittersweet for several reasons…bitter cuz i hate saying goodbye. i hate change. and i hate grieving. sweet because they are beginning an exciting chapter of scott starting his PhD. of another baby joining them in the fall. and them buying their first house. bitter because they are moving out of vancouver before us. they are moving to waterloo. and we wont be there for the birth of their 3rd baby. sweet because dar will be able to take her maternity leave just when they move there and enjoy their first year in their new place. scott will be on the last journey of his education leg. and they are our friends and we believe in them.

but still…my heart grieves. grieves for the loss that will be so evident once they leave. grieves not being able to “drop by” and say hi and sip coffee when we want. grieves that we aren’t going to be journey in the same city, let alone continent together in the next season of life.

i have grown much these last three years in burnaby.. this i know. but i also know that i have become a better person in the last 3 years because of my friends scott and dar. 

so…today i celebrate with you both in scott’s HUGE milestone today.  

thank for you taking a chance on being friends with us way back in 2004.

thanks for moving out west with us to chase this “dream” with us.

and thanks for being some of our best friends. some of our forever friends. near or far, “we” will always be. 

xoxo 20100528_scottsgrad-4478.jpg 20100528_scottsgrad-4505.jpg 20100528_scottsgrad-4514.jpg 20100528_scottsgrad-4520.jpg 20100528_scottsgrad-4544.jpg 20100528_scottsgrad-4563.jpg 20100528_scottsgrad-4571.jpg 20100528_scottsgrad-4578.jpg 20100528_scottsgrad-4593.jpg 20100528_scottsgrad-4595.jpg 20100528_scottsgrad-4597.jpg 20100528_scottsgrad-4615.jpg

hong kong - the vault series || vancouver photographer

hong kong is one of my favorite cities..i’m not sure if it’s the 360 degree circle of high rises amidst water…or the amazing red and other colours that POP out at you..maybe it’s the crazy taxi drivers..nah, it’s not. :)

jonathan and i celebrated our FIRST anniversary in hong kong. we were living in manila, philippines at the time, so on our shoe string budget we were able to get a cheap 4 day airfare/hotel/sightseeing for $400 for both of us! it was awesome. :) 

since then, every time we go to asia, we fly through hong kong and make a point of have a day long stay over there.

there’s always so much to see..and i never tire of seeing some of the same things each time.. :)

image38 copy_.jpg

image29 copy.jpg

image33 copy.jpg

image22 copy.jpg

image18 copy.jpg

italian cuisine - the vault series || vancouver photographer

not gonna lie. i LOVE food. as in i could eat ALL. THE. TIME. wait. let me clarify - i love GOOD food. :)

and being that lover is a trained chef, some of his experiements at home - OH.MY.WORD. ya. it’s easy to eat food for me.


when i was in italy, one thing i loved was the easy access to just about any kind of food at any time of day.

did i mention i’m a sucker for pastries too? ya..just a lil’ bit. :)

here are a few shots of FOOD whilst in italy…mmmmmmmmmmmm….. 

IMG_0396.jpg IMG_0426.jpg IMG_0017.jpg IMG_9874.jpg IMG_9576.jpg IMG_0013.jpg IMG_0018.jpg IMG_9875.jpg IMG_0618.jpg

excuse me now, please, while i go get a snack before bed… ;) 

i'll shoot you - cute buttons by herrohachi || vancouver photographer

if you are on twitter (and you should be!) you may have been one of the 5 that i gave away one  of these ADORABLE buttons to! [follow me on twitter and you can win cool stuff! www.twitter.com/traceyheppner ]

my dear friend kym has an etsy store where she makes the most fun tshirts, bags and now buttons. i featured a tshirt i bought from her on my old blog - check it out HERE.

and i just couldnt’ resist to show you these cuties! :)


check out kym’s store online: HERROHACHI …

thanks again kym! i love them!! :) xoxo

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munich, germany - the vault series || vancouver photographer

not gonna lie..the first night in munich i had flashbacks of THE SOUND OF MUSIC. the sirens at night..all i could picture was me being thrown into jail for something for no reason..chuckle..luckily my travelling companion didn’t have the same fear so we were good to go.. :)

munich was a city full of rich culture and history…here’s a glimpse of it..more to come in this series…

IMG_0245.jpg IMG_0424.jpg IMG_0283.jpg IMG_0312.jpg IMG_0277.jpg IMG_0412.jpg IMG_0401.jpg IMG_0474.jpg

featured vendor: APRIL CAKES || vancouver wedding photographer

i have had the pleasure of meeting so many AMAZING vendors in the wedding industry the last three years i have been in vancouver. from wedding planners to florists to videographers to cake designers.

i decided i needed to start promoting some of these amazing vendors more intentionally.. so once a week i’ll feature a new vendor on my blog that you need to know about because, well..they’re amazing! :)

this week’s featured vendor: APRIL BELLIA of APRIL CAKES.


i had heard of this APRIL…i had seen her cakes numerous times..and was in awe! i should have known her roots are from the philippines - every filipino i know is crazy talented! and april’s cakes represent her passion and her talent!

her cakes are absolutely breathtaking and so much fun. and very, very delicious!! yes..i’ve had a taste or two.. ;)







and she doesn’t just do wedding cakes! she does cakes for every occasion and if you can’t decide about a cake, she has fabulous SWEET TABLES.

20100425_ji_eparty-2307.jpg 20100425_ji_eparty-2303.jpg 20100123_indie-6816.jpg

head on over to APRIL’S website to see her creations…www.aprilcakes.com

zurich wanderings - the vault series || vancouver photographer

the first installment of the vault series takes us to zurich switzerland, where my best friend and i wandered while waiting for our train to munich….

IMG_9737.jpg IMG_9754.jpg IMG_9775.jpg IMG_9756.jpg IMG_9786.jpg IMG_9791.jpg

the vault series || vancouver photographer

i can’t tell you how many photographs i have….as in really. i can’t tell you. :)

but i take photos all the time, everywhere i go. so many…some seen, some not. so i will begin the vault series.. where i will dig inthe folders of my hard drives and pull out photographs from here and there and everywhere…to share.. :)

the first installment coming up: zurich wanderings. :) IMG_9786.jpg

my hour with my rosie - personal || vancouver photographer

today was student led open house at school…the kids have a stack of things to show their parents - work, art, projects - and talk about it all. most parents, i saw, were in there with their kid for about 20 minutes max.

my rosie does not know what a reader’s digest version is. can’t blame her..she didn’t fall far from the tree. :) i love details when telling stories..today i went in with just my iphone to take photos and listened to her intently. as i watched her explain and show my proudly her work, i was tearing up…here sat my little girl..showing me her notebooks or beautifully printed math and science…and reading her journals to me about her little life at school…and showing me her absolutely breathtaking artwork.

i sat there, keeping myself all together, so very, very proud.. rosie was very gracious as i kept taking photos of everything, “so daddy can see this too”…

and so i share the photos with you…my rosie.. :)

a blue washed sunflower painting…


a sunflower poem…


a postcard she made..front and back…


IMG_2630 copy.jpg

cool colours and warm colours together..


adorable sea animals..


artwork inspired by a famous artist who does this sort of art..help me out?! terry something…?


her picasso-inspired self portrait..


a photo of her first nation long house…and her in the background.. :)


gorgeous coloured totem poles they made (at this point i was informed that her teacher also had a major in fine art.. hello. perfect fit for muffy!)


and so began the piles of work to share… :)

i love the “my dad makes good stew in the fall” bit.. chuckle..


her anticipation towards our last trip to manila..


such fun things to hear her read about..


then she read about her mother - i almost cried… :)


some more writings..


one about her friend hannah who lives on a “farm”…


seriously..her coloring is remarkable. i remember so clearly 3 or so years ago when she was so discouraged cuz she couldn’t color like caleb..cuz she was too small.. :)




another project…she’s the hand artist in the family..ya think?! :)


this is grade 4 math mom..and i can do it”, said my proud 3rd grader.. :)


the ME poster was fun.. she made this at the beginning of the school year…


seriously?!!!! my 8 year old has year goals?? i gotta learn something from this chicken..



is she not adorable!??! :)


she read these 10 things with MUCH enthusiasm it made me giggle.. :)





cool painting..


pastel art which i TOTALLY loved! a framer! :)


her beautifully coloured totem pole from that earlier photo..


tulips - my favorite flower… :)


i am framing this bad boy when it comes home.. (or maybe i’ll wait til we move!) it is absolutely stunning..


and her turtle!?! hello! framing also!


it was such an awesome hour..and so i am sharing it with Lover and with you.. xoxo

a lovely wander through finn slough - personal || vancouver photographer

i have passed by finn slough a couple times. but never had the opportunity to really stop and see this little village. i have heard lots about it. and have always been intrigued.

so when kerri and i were already out at steveston..it was a given…

and a given that moved me beyond words…so i leave you with photos of this little village that some call their home… 

201005_kerri-3339.jpg 201005_kerri-3340.jpg 201005_kerri-3341.jpg 201005_kerri-3342.jpg 201005_kerri-3344.jpg 201005_kerri-3345.jpg 201005_kerri-3346.jpg 201005_kerri-3349.jpg 201005_kerri-3351.jpg 201005_kerri-3357.jpg 201005_kerri-3362.jpg 201005_kerri-3364.jpg 201005_kerri-3366.jpg 201005_kerri-3369.jpg 201005_kerri-3371.jpg 201005_kerri-3374.jpg 201005_kerri-3375.jpg