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i love when i get asked to do portraits of people and they ask me to be creative. it’s always fun, too, to have a filipino theme to them. i mean we ARE living here in the philippines. :)

i dont do many missionary family portraits here…but there is something beautiful about the dynamics of one.

so when a missionary family who are teachers/principal at faith academy, asked me to do their family photos before christmas, AND they were beautiful to boot, how could i resist??

roberta went to school with jonathan, so she is an MK (missionary kid) and her husband trevor grew up in kenya, also an MK. along with their 3 gorgeous girls, this MK family is working with MKs here in the philippines. so cool, right?

we started off with some buko and a sari-sari store…cuz that’s the norm here. :)








 then we headed to the jeepney terminal nearby…cuz that is TRULY pinoy at it’s best! :)


and of course we ended at the place they spend a good part of their lives at - faith academy!


it was a fun afternoon…and family photos should ALWAYS be about fun :)


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