Who doesn’t like prizes? I know I do. I seldom win contests but when I do…oh boy, am I ever excited! Even when it could be as simple as a chocolate bar! Hahahah!

To start off the new year, I am having a photo contest every month on the blog. It’s open to anyone in Metro Manila (sorry far away friends!) And there is always a cool prize to be won!

We will have a new theme every month.

For December our pre-kick off month, we asked to show us your “best travel photo”. What a treat that was!

Then for January, it was “your favorite thing”. February was “Philippine Festivals”

THIS MONTH’S THEME? “The best thing about summer”!

With summer just around the corner here in the Philippines, this ought to get us inspired!! 

This month’s prize is donated by: TOSHIBA!


Simply capture it and message it to my Facebook page - Tracey L Heppner Photography on Facebook - and at the end of the month, myself along with some other photographers will judge them, based on content, creativity and simply making an awesome photo.

 So start clicking and get your photos uploaded. (Oh, no more than 3 uploads per person!)


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