My Lovely Manila, Part 2 || As featured in Wanderer Magazine Online

Manila is so diverse. It has areas that remind you that you are in the tropics, areas that remind you that you are in the Philippines, and even areas that remind you of North America.

The first post of MY LOVELY  MANILA preceeds today’s post. Let me take you again to some places that are jewels in this bustling metropolis…


Located just on the east edge of Metro Manila is the city of Antipolo. The easiest way is to go east on Ortigas Ave and the signs will lead you to Antipolo.

Nestled up in the hills, is this amazing art museum. Like nothing I have seen. Art installations and other amazing pieces are throughout the grounds and buildings. The grounds themselves are absolutely breathtaking and just taking a break from the hustle of the city and enjoying the treed grounds is just what is sometimes needed.

For more information about schedules and maps and all the juicy details, check out their facebook page:


Back in the city, nearby Greenhills, San Juan lies an art center like no other. 

Cafes, Retail shops, Art galleries and even a huge state of the art indoor basketball court are some of the enticing features of Ronac Art Center.


One of the 17 cities of Metro Manila is Malabon. Located on the west side of the metro along the coastline, this city is know for it’s flooding, informal settlers and poverty on a whole.
What happens though when you dig a little deeper, try and find the hidden gems of a once-thriving city?
You find things you would never imagine.
The city of Malabon has one of the biggest population of old style spanish style houses in all of the Metro. As you drive around some of the streets near the city proper, you will be amazed at all the beauty you see…

To see the intricate detail still intact is amazing!

We found this treasure of a home…and after a little conversation with the dwellers, they let us in to take in her beauty up close. Inside was as though we had gone back in history.
As well there are old churches that exude beauty inside and out.
And then hidden away behind gates on a busy street we came across an artist whose home also housed his personal galleries. Angel C. Cacnio, or Kuya Angel as we fondly called him, is an artist/painter who work of capturing the lives of Filipinos is absolutely captivating.

Kuya Angel’s work has not only been sold around the country and world, but his art has also been in the hands of many Filipinos.
How? He designed a few faces of the peso bills of the Philippine Currency.

Inside of his gallery we passed through and noticed that he was about to eat lunch…while working on a latest piece..He was so gracious to have us visit, even during lunch. :)
As he toured us through his amazing residence and grounds, everywhere we looked, there was art of some kind..some his, some other artists. It was so refreshing.
Truly it was an honor that we “happened upon” this treasure. Malabon became one of my favorite places to wander, to discover, to love that day.
To view more of Kuya Angel’s work, visit his facebook page:
Angel Cacnio on Facebook.
Well that concludes the second part of MY LOVELY MANILA series. 

Manila is a wonderment. And full of life and life that is waiting to be discovered if you give it the time and patience. 

It’s absolutely worth the treks, the traffic, the crowdedness…Manila is a beauty in her own. It’s all in the eyes of the beholder.

Come visit our Manila, if you have never been. Or rediscover her if you already live here. I surely will continue to, and will share my findings in the upcoming MY LOVELY MANILA series.


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