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I dont “do” graduation photos anymore. It’s just one of the hats I hung up a few years back. Along with familiy portraits.

It’s only if I really love the people and think they would be amazing to capture that I’ll indulge.

Miss E was one of those I wanted to ‘indulge’ in :)

I photographed her and her family a year or more ago…and when I got to take a few portraits of E, I said to her, ‘I would LOVE to shoot your grad photos, if you don’t have anyone else shooting them’.

She took me up on the offer. And I was so thrilled.

Her beauty radiated in and out. So much grace. So much love. So much joy.

As you see the end of a season coming, E, know that a great awesome new one is right around the corner. I can’t wait to see all that you encounter and become. xxtracey

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