The Shape of me and other stuff | Personal post inspired by Dr Seuss

I lead a pretty full life here in the Philippines. Stop chuckling. I know. 

Not only am I mom to two teenagers — aka lunch maker/out the door in the morning pusher/coordinator of their social events/mom taxi— I am wife to Jonathan who is the biggest supporter in life I have and who truly inspires me to live the dream. 

Aside from this at-home full time job, I go all over Manila and Luzon (so far!) shooting NGO photos for amazing organizations for my non-profit group, Photogs for a Cause.

As well we are in the process of starting a livelihood program, Magtayo ng Buhay, or in English translated, Build a Life. More about that another time 

It can be full, sometimes even stressful but definitely fulfilling. 

So then how do I try to lead something that tries to resemble a balanced life?

~I spent some time every morning in a quiet place with my Creator. 

~I am in search of good coffee and food so have monthly dates with like minded friends. And time doing fun things with friends is always a good idea.

~I have a handful of heart friends. Real friends to journey life with, be real with & laugh/cry/celebrate with. 

~ I try and organize travel tours here and abroad to scratch my travel itch which rejuvenates me and keeps me going on with my above crazy life, without spending money we don’t have for me to do that otherwise, by being the host and organizer.

~And I am always making photos, for myself, not as a job. Either with my iPhone, big camera or Nokia Lumia.

It seems to be working for me for the most part. And some days I don’t get it right. But try and try again 

What are some ways you stay balanced in life?

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