Bebot & Maymay - Boracay Lifestyle Session || Philippines Travel Photographer

Last month my love and I, along with another couple, went down to Boracay Island for a getaway. It was in celebration of our 19th wedding anniversary! woohoo to us!

I also brought my camera along and did a Lifestyle session. I dont do many Lifestyle session anymore…but when I do, it’s because I can’t WAIT to photograph the couple!

Like these two. Their first time in front of camera professionally and they rocked it. Bebot is actually one of Jonathan’s tattoo artists - he’s amazing! And Maymay is also a photographer and has a super fun job photographing for a local tourist booklet that is distributed several times a year. They also are the parents of a SUPER cute little man!

These are just a few of my favorites. Bebot and Maymay - you are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for being so kind to make beauitful photos of you two - I SOOO enjoyed and loved every moment!


 If you want a fun lifestyle session, email me - I may just be persuaded. ;)

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I love this shoot! Playful, fun, sexy, romantic, caught some great moments. Well done!

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