Photogs for a Cause

Over a year ago I had this notion…a notion that seemed like it could work.

What IF professional photographers worked together with the hundreds of NGOs in this city?

Why you ask? It’s simple: Almost regularly I get asked, “Why are you in the Philippines?” as many know I’m a foreigner, as my light skin is a major giveaway. :)

I then begin to tell them about my husband’s sister who runs Gentle Hands in Quezon City, and how they care for neglected and abandoned kids and instantly they say to me, “Wow, I would LOVE to give back to an NGO”.

This was my thought - NGOs in Manila usually don’t have the budget for professional photographers to come in and document their NGO to the degree that it can be effectively portrayed through their website, marketing materials, etc. 

That’s where Photogs for a Cause comes in - Photographers who want to be on a list that we can match up to NGOs when they are needing a photo shoot done. And the photographer gives their services pro bono. The NGO gets amazing, quality photos that will impact their audience and the photographer will have given back to their community.


It’s a win-win.

Are you a pro photographer? or a part-time pro photographer that would like to give back? We are looking for photographers to join the team. 

Contact me today at tracey [at] traceylheppner [dot] com


ps - you dont have to use a Canon to be a part of the team! ;)

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